Invitation for Press Conference on Launch “Urban Constitution” Egypt 2013

 Ezbet Abu Qarn. Photo by Manal ElShahat. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Ezbet Abu Qarn. Photo by Manal ElShahat. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Over the past several decades that state and its various successive economic policies have allowed the government to withdraw from its duty to provide adequate housing and land for poor and low-income populations. This has contributed to ignite real estate speculation which has led to the emergence of the complex phenomena of informal settlements which dominate urban areas of Egypt.

According to official estimates, informal settlements have reached 1,125 areas with a population of 20 million, equivalent to 23% of the total population in Egypt. In addition, millions of other families are suffering from inadequate housing conditions or under imminent danger.

Based on the available statistics nearly 44% of Egyptian families are threatened with forced eviction, while 6.5 million households are living in crowded dwellings, 1.3 million households are living in most crowded dwellings, and 9.2 million households are deprived of improved sanitation and 2.3 million of households are deprived of the sources of safe drinking water.

The lack of strategic vision has exacerbated the deprivation for land and adequate housing, which has been reflected in the creation of social movements, which demand these rights and have contributed since the early 2000s in raising the protest movements that culminated in last three years.

Since 25 January revolution, Egyptians witnessed several popular and human rights initiatives demand the right to land, secure of tenure, the conditions of adequate housing, social function of property and other dimensions that constitute the core of citizenship and the modern civil state.

This initiative comes in this context that represents collective and cumulative efforts for several civil society organizations and grassroots initiatives on establishing a new reality for urban Egypt based social justice, sustainable and equality.

The support of this initiative does is not restricted only to the drafting process of the Egyptian constitution, but to be adopted by all communities as embodiment of the majority concerns of Egyptians.

Join us in launching this petition for an “Urban Constitution” [Ar] on Saturday 2nd of November 2013, at the Journalist’s Syndicate, “Taha Hussain” hall, at 11:00 am.

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